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How do you store your favorite magazines? 

Superflex by Sara Hartman and John McCusker
From Berlin — New York
Aux Fenassiers by Hortense Soichet
Publicatie over fotograaf Hortense Soichet .
(via Projets | Maquette & Mise en page)
Slanted #20 – Slab Serif

(via Shop - Slanted #20 – Slab Serif | Slanted - Typo Weblog und Magazin)
Processfolio 2013 by Line Broeckx
Procesfolio with research about destruction. Coptic stitch binding in two colors.

Nice layout work by Freddy Taylor, junior Art Director and Graphic Designer at KesselsKramer. 

Somemanifesto is a collection of articles and manifestos published by art movements defining their basic principles and intentions; a reader that includes Futurism, Letterism, Situationist International and Fluxus texts. This publication, printed on cheap pamphlet paper, originates in the early stages of my thesis research when I was defining the chronological map of counter-cultural movements in the 20th century. Using the manifesto as an active element, understanding an artistic movement often represents a transitional point between the traditional and the contemporary, becoming a turning point for the artists involved. Every text in this publication is displayed faithfully in its original format whether it be a newspaper article or a bad quality photocopy. In conjunction with the texts, their graphical interpretation demonstrates the foundational ideas and/or aesthetic pursuit. (via Somemanifesto, a pamphlet reader on art manifestos | Víctor Arráez | Graphic Design)

MMV - MASTER MAQUETTE 5—Master Maquette was created five years ago with the intention of staging a ‘rehearsel’ for the actual master- project of the students from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. A two week residency culminated in an exhibition. This fifth edition in 2013, Nadia Naveau shows a collaboration with Sint Lucas Antwerp.—Art Direction & Photography with Sofie Apers200 pagesJanuary 2013